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We feel that it is imperative to be transparent with our clients so they feel confident in how we work and what to expect with any project. So here are a few details about how we like to work. If you have any other questions, shoot us an email or phone call.


We charge an hourly rate of $65 when we are actively working, arranging, consulting, styling, etc. When we are shopping for you, our hourly rate is less at $25. We can shop with you or on our own. The fee includes style/design choices, time shopping finding the items you need, communicating with you to make sure you are happy with items being purchased and any returns or exchanges.


You have 10 days to make any returns or exchanges. We will bill you for the actual cost of the items purchased with no upcharge or commission.  We promise you we work way more hours on our clients than we ever bill them!


We are willing to shop anywhere that fits your budget, including online sources, estate sales, consignment shops, antique stores, furniture stores, discount chains. We also have access to Design houses for furniture and finishings and warehouses for tiles, carpets, flooring, counter tops, sinks and faucets- basically any house building item you would need. We receive wholesale pricing at these places and on top of that a 20% discount at most places. When we have a client who shops at one of these , we split the discount with them. We give them a 10% discount and we make a 10% commission. Our clients get a discount they would not be able to otherwise take advantage of and we get a minimal commission for doing the leg work and communicating with the wholesale companies.


We will put together an estimate before we begin any project.

How We Work: FAQ
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